Bringing Virtual Reality To You

Our fully trained staff will be with you every step of the way to bring exciting VR experiences to your next event. Whether it’s team-building, attracting potential customers, or just to have fun, our top of the line equipment and strategic planning will turn an average event into an extraordinary event. Just wait until you see the excited expressions and huge smiles on your guests’ faces when they first experience VR!

Team Building

Build Trust & Cooperation

Want to engage with your team while having a blast? Can your team diffuse a virtual bomb? Contact us to bring some excitement to the office

Birthday Parties

Ready to Party?

We have a huge library of VR experiences that will take your party to the next level. Prepare to watch your guests have a great time as they create lasting memories!


Share the Fun!

We will help you stand out in the crowd with engaging experiences. People will remember the fun they had and how you made it possible.

Take a look at Fruit Ninja in Virtual Reality!

Here are just a few of the ways that VR can impact your events:

The super flexible nature of VR allows for a variety of different business events, including conferences, trade shows, and even parties. A few of the ways that VR can really make an impact at your next event include:

Accomplish Event Goals

VR can be used to accomplish your event-specific goals, including boosting event attendance, maximizing foot traffic to your booth, increasing brand awareness, and generating leads.

Position Your Company

VR is one of the newest technologies in the market. The use of VR at your event can position your company as cutting edge and fun to work with.

Engage Better

The immersive and interactive nature of VR can forge a stronger connection between your event attendants, as a new, shared experience serves as a great ice breaker to get the conversation started between customers, partners, and prospects.

Be Remembered

People remember experiences that they actually took part in as opposed to just watched. With this in mind, the unique nature of the VR experience means that what you want to accomplish with your event is more likely to be remembered by your attendees weeks or even months later.

Spread The Word

When people enjoy their time at your event thanks to VR, they will be sure to tell others about it. By telling friends, family and co-workers about your business can help create organic leads for you!

Our staff are VR experts. Consult with us to plan your event or function to get the most out of your rental time. Click the link below to contact us and find out more information

Take a look at our Pricing Packages

Short and Simple


1 Hour Event

Best for tight schedules and fewer participants.



2 Hour Event

Enough time to let everyone have a turn!



4 Hour Event

For those that really want to have fun. Great for game nights!

Do the above packages not work for you?
Contact Us and we will help meet your event needs!

Each package includes trained staff to operate equipment & moderate play!

Travel rates may apply if outside of our usual service areas.

Set up & take down is included with every booking at no additional cost!

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