You know your industry. We know development.
Let’s build something great!


Your idea may be revolutionary, but can it be done? Before paying for a proof of concept, consider paying for research instead. Many studios will push you to pay for development first. In some cases, all it takes is an experienced design and development team to look in to it first.

Project Consulting

You know it can be done, but do you know how? Let us help you craft the perfect plan that lays out the steps needed in a clear way, enabling accurate labor estimates and avoiding unseen costs, scope and feature creep, broken contracts, and stressful delayed milestones.


Our Lean studio prides itself on being able to source exactly the right talent for every job, so that each project is executed on without needless studio overhead or bloated staff lists. With a proper project plan in hand, we will execute quickly and efficiently to make your ideas a reality.


Are you nearing a deadline and still have major bugs? Do you need an experienced Senior Developer to be brought in immediately? We can help! Contact us now, before it’s too late!



Cross Platform



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Magic Leap


Desktop PC

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Escape Rooms

Create more engaging experiences for all ages. You can even track the number of people who get stuck on a puzzle!

Game Development

Are you ready to create your own unique video game?

Movie Theaters

Create specialized movie posters at your location to build audience engagement before the film!

Real Estate

Let clients preview their home designs with custom applications!

Aviation & Military Applications

Use VR & AR  to train & educate future pilots & soldiers! We can create specific training scenarios in AR or VR to meet the needs of each project and help save the industry in training and localizing personnel.

Custom Experiences

Build a unique experience for your customers or audience.

Health & Fitness

Have an idea that will change your industry? Need a team to help bring your practice to 2018? We can help you use the latest in VR/AR to break old conventions with new solutions.

Interior Design

From room planning to showcasing products, AR solutions are more practical than ever. Save thousands on location space, showcase rooms, and endless “can I see this in green?” conversations. Use AR to show off your products and design skills.


An iPad to play videos at each exhibit isn’t necessary. Let each customer view content comfortably on their own device instead!


Let Augmented Reality guide users to your business in unique ways!

20 Year Lead Developer

Charles Poole is our Lead Developer with over 20 years experience in development, and 8 years in AR/VR. He is a project consultant, planner, manager, firefighter, and developer. He oversees every project personally.

Network of Professionals

Our team has a wide range of professionals and consultants to call on. This allows us to craft the perfect team for your project, and avoids inflated studio overhead.

Guaranteed Work Time

We selectively chose our clients, and partition our work load so that we have time to dedicate to each new project. This means we can quickly design and iterate on your project, bringing your ideas to life in often just weeks!

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will work with you to craft a contract that assures you are going to get what you want, with support after delivery to ensure complete satisfaction.

Ask About Our Free 2 Hour Consultation!