Team Building & Events

Team Building FAQ

What are the benefits of VR for team building??

Employee engagement events promote productivity and overall employee satisfaction on the job. VR technology allows you to plan engaging and fun-filled events built around driving employee engagement, including team-building. Employee engagement events also help with employee retention by breaking up the monotony of work and creating bonding opportunities between co-workers. By making activities associated with the job more rewarding, the job itself takes on a new life.

What will be provided for a team building exercise??

For each team building event we will provide:

  • Most importantly we bring the fun!
  • 1 HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset with controllers
  • VR Gaming PC
  • A large Monitor/TV to display what the current player is seeing
  • An experienced Dive Booth Representative
  • Complete set-up, breakdown & management of equipment
  • Full access to our game library
What games are recommended for Team Building??

Some of our top games to promote team work include:

  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  • VR Diner Duo
  • Tiltbrush Pictionary
Will you help us plan our event??

Absolutely! Different teams & industries have different needs. Our experienced staff can meet with you to focus on the specific goals you are looking to accomplish with your team building events. We can also provide miniature workshops for your team to work through using VR!

If we schedule Team Building, are we limited to only the team building experiences and games??

Absolutely not! How you choose to spend the rental time is up to you. You can structure the event however you would like, such as only team building, just having fun playing games or both! Let us know how you would like to spend your time and we will make it happen.

What about company parties??

Absolutely! Employee engagement events promote productivity and overall employee satisfaction on the job. VR technology allows you to plan engaging and fun-filled events built around driving employee engagement, including team-building.

Events FAQ

What type of events do we do??

We handle community events, fundraisers, corporate events, trade shows, birthday parties and more. You can visit our Events page to learn more

Can this be used at an outdoor event??

Yes, we can set-up outdoors as long as:

  • There is space for a tent canvas
  • Power is provided
  • Area is flat
  • Shade is required for equipment to function properly
Can we brand ourselves in the VR experiences??

There are multiple ways to brand your VR experience. First, if you plan on working with us to develop a custom experience, branding is already a part of your package — from the voice over to the graphics to the user experience. If you need a shorter timeline or are on a smaller budget, we can help brand the area surrounding your event location, including around the televisions for the Room Scale VR experience or the headset itself for the 360 VR experience in the form of vinyl graphics. Ultimately, our professionals will work with you to decide what makes the most sense for your specific event.

XR & Rental Inquiry

General XR FAQ

What is XR??

XR which is short for Cross Reality, encompasses Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. It’s to keep things simple & save everyone time from having to use VR/AR/MR all the time!

What is the difference between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality??

Virtual Reality places the user in a completely different (Virtual) environment.
With Augmented Reality the real environment has things that are added to it, such as holograms. Pokémon Go is a prime example of Augmented Reality as the physical world you see through your phone is still the same.

Are there age restrictions to use Virtual Reality??

There are no legal age restrictions on the use of VR, however we recommend users be at least 12 years or older with the parent or guardians consent. For more information feel free to Contact Us

How much space do we need??

For the best experience (Room Scale VR) we recommend a minimum size space of 7ft x 6ft (~2m x ~1.8m) but the larger the better.

Room Scale VR Ideal space: an area 8 x 8 feet

360 VR Ideal: an area 5 x 5 feet


What if we do not have enough room??

Most games can still be played while seated but for a more immersive and enjoyable experience a larger space is recommended.

Do we have to buy the games??

No, we provide all the games and experiences and our full library is included with every rental.

Rental FAQ

Can more than one person play at once??

Yes! We have games that allow up to 4 players at once, 1 in VR & 3 using controllers playing on the TV

How much will it cost??

Daily Pricing (Monday-Sunday) Single Headset

  • $175 for 1 hour of play time
  • $250 for 2 hours of play time
  • $320 for 3 hours of play time
  • $380 for hours of play time
  • $440 for 5 hours of play time
  • $500 for 6 hours of play time
  • $550 for 7 hours of play time
  • $600 for 8 hours of play time

(set up & breakdown is included with every booking at no additional cost)

Can you set up at a venue??

Yes, as long as we have access to power and coordinate with the designated venue ahead of time it’s no problem!

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